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"Senior Technology Correspondent Gary Krakow reviews the Slingbox Pro-HD-- which delivers streaming high-def video on your PC or on the run".

It's not surprising that Slingbox is introducing an HD model.  The only surprise is that it has taken this long.

But this review on TheStreet TV annoyed me.  This apparent expert makes two statements that are incorrect and misleading.

First, he says that the product is available now, "in time for the February switchover where everybody goes HD".   He's referring to the February 2009 deadline for the shutdown of analogue signals in the United States at which time all over-the-air transmission will go digital.  What's wrong with his statement is the fact that while everyone will be switching to digital transmission, not everyone will be switching to HD (high-definition) broadcasting.  You can't do HD without going digital, but going digital does not necessarily mean going HD.

The second error is his statement that the product "also has an analogue HD tuner".  As I just said, HD only works with digital signals -- there's no such thing as an analogue HD tuner (at least not in the sense of any industry broadcast standards).  What he should say is that it has an integrated ATSC tuner -- that's a digital tuner that's capable of tuning over-the-air digital SD (standard definition) and HD broadcasts (and other digital formats as defined in the ATSC digital broadcasting standard).

There's enough confusion out there as it is about the U.S. analogue shutdown (and the corresponding August 31, 2011 Canadian shutdown) without adding this sort of misleading  information to the mix.

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