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November 2008 Archives

My friend Anita at One of a Kind Publishing has an interesting blog post here:


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I see dynamic imaging having a big place in the media 3.0 world and think this is an early example of what we will see.

I found this submission to the CRTC interesting.  It's a bit more over the top than most that are coming from the general public but it does capture a lot of common thoughts being expressed (even though most are, of course, incorrect or lacking in factual foundation).

It's poorly written, but that adds to the entertainment value.  For example, the first clause of the post is unintentionally funny (I think).

What follows is the complete, unedited submission by Mr. John Renny of Alberta:

I am disgusted and appalled to think that the CRTC are thinking or even thinking about regulating the Internet; you'll keep your damn hands off of our Internet; I'm going after each and every one of your jobs; you have caused the Canadian public enough shit so far for a lifetime!  You tell us that we have to watch X. amount of Canadian content?  Who the hell do you think you are?  The Constitution gives me the freedom of expression; the freedom of movement; the freedom of religion; which use stamp all over four years in the past by not allowing Trinity broadcasting; or any other American programming deemed to be non-Canadian to your stupid supposet intelligence?  And now you want to tackle and cut off our Internet don't you even think about it; this is a warning!  You can take this to the bank; I'm going after your jobs, I'm going to get the exact amount of money that it cost taxpayers for a year; and there are going to the cutbacks; since right now the country is running on empty; you people of the CRTC can find yourself another employer