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February 2009 Archives


Alan Sawyer of Toronto-based Two Solitudes Consulting, said that after a decade it's time for a review, but he added it would be difficult to regulate content on the Internet and cellphones.

"It's unwieldy," said Sawyer, who provides consulting services to Calgary-based MoboVivo, which licenses and distributes TV programming online. Its MoboVivo iPhone TV is a popular iPhone application.

"It's not impossible to do and it's certainly within the CRTC's authority to do," he said, adding it would provide some certainty to businesses [that the interim new media exemption order does not provide]."

Sawyer also said the CRTC could take an "incentive-based approach" to make more Canadian-produced content available on alternative distribution channels.

He noted that foreign ownership requirements now don't apply to new media on the Internet while they do apply to traditional broadcasters.